List of 'Bugs' for Fundraising Plugin Version

Thank you for keeping the plugin updated, however I've found some bugs that existed in the previous version that continue to plague this version. Some bugs (where noted) I assume are specific to me, as I can't imagine this being the default behavior.

"Post this to your profile" during /pledge is visible with or without actually being logged in. This should a) be hidden if a user is not logged in, and b) be a toggled admin option for BuddyPress to even exist in the first place.

As a logged-in user opting out of the 'Post this to your profile' checkmark on the /pledge page still DOES post it to the logged in users's wall, and the overall activity for BuddyPress

3) [I think this may just be a bug for me, nobody else has said otherwise to my other posts]
When adding a new fundraising campaign (where Simple Donations is the only allowed type), if I choose that option and press 'Save Fundraiser Type', I am instructed (via Chrome) that I must 'Confirm Navigation' (as the page feels it will be moving away from the page due to edits). The only way to save the campaign is to choose 'Leave This Page', at which point it does what it's supposed to do (saves, and gives fundraiser-type options). Prior to selecting this option and saving, there are no fundraiser-specific questions or properties displayed on the campaign such as the "Set Your Fundraiser Goal", or the "Thank You Message Settings".

4) [This may be PayPal sandbox-specific... though not sure how or why... but]
If there is either an apostrophe or a hyphen (that is all I've verified) in the title of the campaign, the sandbox'ed transaction will not go through properly. It will return to the donation page with the "Oh No, we can't find your Pledge. Sometimes it takes a few moments for your Pledge to be logged. You can try refreshing this page." The actual transaction DOES appear to go through (sender's account id debited, receivers account is credited) but no 'pledge' is created in WP admin side.


  • Vaughan

    Hi @matt,

    Thanks for the report.

    #1. I can replicate this on my site too.

    #2. Also confirmed.

    #3. I can also replicate this on my multisite too, but i'm not so sure this is an actual bug, an annoyance maybe and could possibly be more of a feature enhancement to improve it in future.

    #4 I can also confirm this issue.

    Thanks again for the reports, I have reported these to the developer to look into. Hopefully we can get a fix out soon.


  • Matt

    Hello @Maniu.

    Thank you for the quick response time on addressing and putting out some updates. I wanted to get back to you on my findings.

    I've still got a dev side of my site up, so I decided to test your update against that vs my live site. :slight_smile: Kind of glad I did.

    The following link is code that I've used (taken from this community, and modified to my needs) that prior to the update you just released, displayed just fine. I'm hoping you can spot the quick-fix I'll need to ensure my page at least looks the same after the update. :slight_smile:

    URL to code-snippit:

    I've attached an image of what it _should_ look like (and does prior to this update) from a live donation on my site.

    It's as if the individual funder page now pulls in ALL donations to display vs the individual page's ID.

    I'm sure an eagle-eye can spot this, but curious what changed to create this conundrum.

    I'll report back as well with any other findings I may have that are 'new' in a new thread, but that are related here.


    -- Matt

  • Matt

    @Maniu - Thanks. That did the trick for me. Now my 'custom' lists are back to normal. :slight_smile:

    I've poked around with the new Donor panel widget, and it's not performing as expected. For instance, I've told it to show me the top 10 donors by 'biggest'... Yes, it shows the top biggest ones... but not in the expected (Biggest-First) order (DESC by Amount Donated). As a matter of fact, it actually appears random. They're not in order by first name, Last name, ID or amount.

    It's also a bit miss-leading, as I would expect them to be tallied donations, for example if a person donates 3 times, those amounts are combined, for a total donation amount.

    Another option would be to not show the cents (two decimals in my case), like I've got set in the admin side.

    I think you're on the right path, but there are quite a handful of tweaks that could be applied to the next rollout.

    I'm leaving this resolved, but feel free (mods) to move this portion to the appropriate feature-requests

    Thanks again! :slight_smile:

    Note, for others that may need this line above, be sure it's within the <?php portion, and ends with a semicolon ; for a total line of:

    global $post; $post_id = $post->ID;

    Total random side note about your post @Maniu - When I received an update via email that you replied, a character were cleansed. It came across as: global $post; $post_id = $post->ID

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