List of 'Bugs' for Fundraising Plugin Version 2.6.1

Again, thank you for any and all updates to this plugin. I feel each one makes it better (for the most part) :slight_smile: and makes it a more desirable (read: purchasable) plugin.

Here is what I've found with the latest version that may be considered bugs. Some of these bugs may have existed prior to this version, others may be new to it (as I'm fairly new, it's hard to tell what existed previously).

If someone makes a donation (outside of this plugin. For example they simply mail a check, or used PayPal directly and designate it to go towards a particular fundraiser via the 'memo' line on a check or the 'comments' section of PayPal...), this can get tricky currently... especially if it's important to them that they show up in the database in the proper order (date and time) that they donated. Additionally, from an admin side it needs to show up as their proper status (aka 'Completed' vs 'Pending/Approved').

Example 1: Paid by check a week ago, outside of the plugin, but needs to be entered into the system for their credit...
Add payment [/post-new.php?post_type=donation] (which shows up as the most current donation on /edit.php?post_type=donation )
To change the time/date of when a submission actually came through (as in an alternate method mentioned above)... the process goes a little something like this:
'Edit Payment' (Via 'Quick Edit' hover link) & Save [And noticed a very odd shift of content on the page now... everything's to the left]
Refresh Donations Page, see it's moved to the proper location, but now notice it doesn't even show up on the donations list on the funder page
Go back into that donation (normal 'Edit') to re-save the donation, and now able to see it in the donors list.

Example 2: Manual Check (through the fundraiser link)
The entry shows up as 'Pending Approval'
When the check arrives, to give proper full credit (via admin) you click on Edit, change the drop-down to 'Complete' and save
But notice that the admin listing on [/edit.php?post_type=donation] still says 'Pending/Approved'
Also notice that it shows up under the filter of 'Completed' and not under 'Approved'

#2) Donations Panel Sorting
If this is a side-bar, should it not be relative to (or allow for) the individual page that it is on? In the case I have 5 fundraisers, I want a 'top donors', but want it for each individual fundraiser automatically. But if they're on the archive page, then for a site-wide list. Same would go for being able to have both a list of Top donors & for Latest Donors. Be specific to each page while being system-wide when on archive.

That's it for now :slight_smile:


  • Vaughan

    Hi Matt,

    Hope you're well?

    Thanks again for the reports.

    #1 Yes this can be quite confusing and inconvenient to keep doing, whilst I don't think it's a bug per se, more of a UX issue, I have reported this to the developer as such to look into.

    #2 This I do not think is a bug either, but it is certainly a feature that would be useful to include in the plugin. I will ask the developer to look into these for a future release.

    Thanks for the reports & for keeping us on our feet with this plugin.

    Hope this helps

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