List of Improvements for Fundraising Plugin Version

This may not be the place to make these suggestions. If not please forgive me and reprimand me appropriately. I love the plugin... so please take these as suggestions to improve upon it, making more user-friendly and ultimately helping to sell more copies for you guys. :slight_smile:

In no particular order:

Recurring Donations during /pledge should most likely _not_ be available if 'Manual' option is selected. This should also be an admin setting to override visibility & recurring options. I seriously doubt someone would be willing to write a check daily for $X.

Verbiage options deciphering between a Donation & Pledge (depending on payment type). For example, I'm physically making a donation via Paypal (as it takes my money directly), but I'm making a pledge via 'manual' check payment (as I yet have a step to do before the pledge becomes a donation).

When adding a new fundraising campaign, if there is only one type of fundraiser (ie 'Simple Donations') there should be no reason to force user to have to select this type of fundraiser before they're given the ability to create it.

Add the error message, currently "Oh No, we can't find your Pledge...." to the admin side for customization.

On the admin side, under the Permissions tab, the verbiage for column 'Manage pledges' needs to reflect the setting made on the 'Presentation tab' which allows you to change the word 'pledges'. For example, I changed mine to Donations vs Pledges and would rather the back-end operator see this verbiage instead.

Shortcodes to display both 'Recent Donors' and 'Top Donors' need to be created. I've found this information within your support group pages and have incorporated those into my site nicely, but this would have been a time-saver. I'm sure others need/want this too. Of course with options of how to display (Firstname, First-initial of Lastname/Full-Lastname, Donation Amount, Date, etc...)