List of Improvements for Fundraising Plugin Version 2.6.1

Note to mod: this wouldn't let me choose the 'Features Suggestions' section for placement. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the improvements from the last update I made :slight_smile: Here are some more that again, will hopefully improve user-experience.

#1 Payment Source mod, Tracking addition & Date Submitted addition
During a manual entry for a new donation, there does not seem to be a reason to have 'Manual' as an option (that I can see). They have either made a payment by another gateway (example Paypal, without going through the fundraiser) or have mailed in a check (denoting in the memo section it should go to a specific fundraiser). The admin's options now are: Manual, PayPal, Check/Cash. If adding a PayPal payment, there should be the ability to add the transaction ID. Either way, a 'Date Submited' field (with time) should be added to the process. See my post on bugs for 2.6.1 for the full walkthough of this process as it currently stands, and how these fields would greatly enhance the admin's process of adding donations manually.

#2 Export option and/or (better-yet) a mass (configurable) thank-you upon Goal-Reached, or a mass (configureable) thank-you-for-your-support if no goal is set, but fundraiser is ended, etc.
Would be great to be able to get a quick export of all donors so that they could be updated at the end of an event, and/or used to do more specific calculations of fundraisers.

#3 Recurring payments keep adding to total & stops with a goal end-date
If I care to make a $1/day donation or a $20/m donation I'm assuming that when a goal is reached it will stop. I also assume that I will get credited for my donations on the campaign itself. So if after 10 days of my $1/day donation, I would expect to see 10 entries of myself, for a total of $10.

#4 Admin can allow recurring donations to continue into infinity (with or without a gol date), or to end with a goal-date (default)
This prevents people from creating a short-run fundraiser with long-term donations... keeps it clean & more honest/transparent too.