List of installed plugins

to keep track of the installed plugins I am looking for a plugin, which builds that list? Is there something I can use? Maybe within WPMUDEV?

Thank you for your ideas & regards from Germany

  • Dimitris
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    Hello there Thomas

    The Hub is what you're looking for, as you can see all plugins and themes that are installed per connected website.

    From inside the WP admin area of a website, you can see all of the installed plugins here (for single sites) or here (for multisites).
    Specifically about our own plugins, as James commented above, you can see them via the WPMUDEV Dashboard plugin:

    Hope that was some help, please do let me know if I'm missing something else here.
    Thank you,
    Dimitris :slight_smile:

  • Thomas
    • Flash Drive


    thanks Form the quick reply. But as I have some more installions, I want to set Up a DB whith the plugins in use. The Overview in the Hub ist a big help. But an export- function would be nice. ( eg the names an version in a csv-file). Anyone has Seen something like this?


    • Brian - Evolver
      • WPMU DEV Initiate

      Hey Thomas,

      You can create a report summary and edit the report to give only the update summary. That way it lists the plugins and versions, then just set it to how often you want it to run.

      You make it automated a bit I would try to create a Flow (via Microsoft) from Outlook to an Excel DB or elsewhere.

      Hope this helps some images show the report setup.

  • Philipp Stracker
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Thomas

    I've created a small WP Shortcode a while ago which does a similar thing. It will list all installed plugins with the current version number + link to the plugin details page. There's no indication on which plugins are active or inactive. Basically, all you need is the get_plugins() function, which returns a list of all installed plugins.

    This is the output - note the first two lines show the WP core version + the active theme:

    Here's the code:

     * Render shortcode contens: [list-plugins]
    function site_shortcode_list_plugins( $atts = [] ) {
    	global $wp_version;
    	$code        = [];
    	$items       = [];
    	$theme       = wp_get_theme();
    	$all_plugins = get_plugins();
    	$items['_core'] = [
    		'Version'   => $wp_version,
    		'Name'      => 'WordPress',
    		'PluginURI' => '',
    	$items['_theme'] = [
    		'Version'   => $theme->get( 'Version' ),
    		'Name'      => 'Current theme: ' . $theme->get( 'Name' ),
    		'PluginURI' => $theme->get( 'ThemeURI' ),
    	foreach ( $all_plugins as $key => $plugin ) {
    		$items[ $key ] = $plugin;
    	$code[] = '<ul class="plugin-list">';
    	foreach ( $items as $item ) {
    		$code[] = sprintf(
    			'<li><a href="%3$s" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">%1$s</a> <span class="version">v%2$s</span></li>',
    			esc_html( $item['Name'] ),
    			esc_html( $item['Version'] ),
    			esc_url_raw( $item['PluginURI'] )
    	$code[] = '</ul>';
    	return implode( '', $code );
    add_shortcode( 'list-plugins', 'site_shortcode_list_plugins' );

    Hope this helps :slight_smile: Philipp

  • Nastia
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    Hello Thomas

    Hope you're doing well!

    There is no, export function on the Hub available, I'm afraid. I've forwarded your suggestion to our developers and moved this thread to the Features & Feedback section.

    In the meantime, please try the solution posted by Philipp Stracker , as it looks like it is close to what you're looking for :slight_smile:

    Thank you Philipp Stracker and Brian for chiming in.

    Have a good day and take care!


  • Thomas
    • Flash Drive

    Hi all,

    thank you for your feedback! Und sorry for my late reply. I am a little bit stuck in a kind of "unhappy" mixture of a bunch of work and school-holidays of my daughter (... and the wish of a stunning, brand new programm each day :wink:.

    I think, I will try out Philipps idea. Thanks!

    Kind Regards

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