List of issues for Appointments +

The following is a laundry list of issues associated to Appointments +

1. The tutorial videos associated have to be updated because they suggest that Appointments + needs extra forms of payment in order to be used with a Google Apps for Business account. This is technically not correct. In fact, the Google Calendar API allows a Courtesy limit of 100,000 requests/day. This is more than enough for the average user, and therefore the service comes at no extra cost without the need to reach the sales department. Besides, I've learned that the average sales associate at Google has no idea what you are talking about when you mention the API and that technical support is more likely to get you where you need to be. In my case, they helped me get all setup without the need to pay extra.

2. An important step is missing from the laundry list of steps in the Appointments + Google Calendar settings page for when activating it in a Google Apps for Business Account. In order to share the created calendar with the email created in the API, you also have to go into your Google Apps for Business Admin Portal, then access the settings for the Calendars, and finally allow the sharing of your calendars with outside users. Without this, the sharing privileges you try to update in your Google Calendar will not stick and simply revert back to the viewing of calendars only.

3. There needs to be a dedicated tutorial on the sandbox environment for Paypal. I don't think people realize that you have to create separate developer testing emails under the Paypal Developer console for testing purposes. Although I personally took the time to look up the necessary information to do this, I worry that most people won't realize the need to do so.

This leads me to my final question. Although I have been able to get the Test Connection to work correctly for the Google Calendar API, and I have been able to get a client to successfully sign up for an appointment without payment, I hit a road block when testing under the sandbox environment for Paypal. Even though the payment "goes through" under the testing environment, the appointment remains as pending instead of auto confirming after the payment had been completed. I assumed that Appointments + would auto confirm after the payment went through so that my clients Google Calendar would automatically update. I don't know if this is the result of the sandbox environment or a Paypal IPN not working in sandbox mode issue? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.