List of older Newsletters on frontend and link to see the newsletter


On the front end I would list the older newsletters and see the newsletter selected.

is it possible ?



  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey Pascal. Hope you are well!

    Unfortunately that is not currently a feature of the plugin.

    It is a fantastic suggestion perhaps for a future version. I’ll move this over to the feature request forums.

    Anyone else looking for this kind of functionality?

    Take care.

  • Henk
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Yep, I would like to see that functionality too.

    Nearly every ‘serious’ newsletter starts with a link to a website where the mail can be read (in its full glory)

    A way to create a copy of the newsletter as a post in a selectable category would make the plugin more professional.

  • DavidSilverlight
    • New Recruit

    Warpx. How did you setup the category template for the eNewsletter? I would never have expected that this would not be in the control. Isn’t this core functionality of a newsletter plugin?

    Just to be clear that I am not thinking of something different than what is being discussed here, what I would like would be to have a page on my website called something like “Past Newsletters” where I can show a list of previous Newsletters that have been sent out. The user clicks on the newsletter link and sees the newsletter contents.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    Warpx. How did you setup the category template for the eNewsletter?

    I would assume that warpx sets up a category for posts and then posts his newsletters there.

    Isn’t this core functionality of a newsletter plugin?

    As you see this thread is two months old and only a couple of people have registered there interest here. So because it has not been requested all that much it has not been developed.

    If it becomes a much more popular request then it will be considered for development much sooner.

    I know I would personally love to see it, so of course it gets my support. :slight_smile:


  • warpx
    • Flash Drive

    I’m feeling like a gravedigger here, but I’m only monitoring my forum activity on occasion. I still could use this feature, so please don’t forget about it. I think this item in user voice talks about this feature, too:

    And yes, Timothy got me right. I manually add the sent newsletters as a post with an own newsletter template and categorise them to be able to display them in a newsletter category template I made for this.

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