List of Top Multisite Free or Paid Blog Hosts like Edublogs or

I'm trying to find some good examples of how multisite has been put to use, preferably with Prosites and the various other 'essential' WPMUDev multisite plugins.

Apart from lists of outdated and low quality installs that have been scraped by blackhat sploggers, the only resource i came across was this - Unfortunately, there's nothing much there and it appears that WPMUDev has …

"some ideas about how we can provide WPMU DEV members with showcases / chances to interact with each other here etc. It could take a while... but bear with us :slight_smile:"

It's really surprising that there isn't a solid showcase of sites/businesses that are using Prosites to create successful Multisite hosted blog services. The pitch seems to be that customers can establish their own service like by using the plugins that power Edublogs, but other than this, it's hard to find any good examples.

The only one i've found is There must be more. If you know of any, please can you add them to this list:



  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Sylvia!

    I have been seeing you all around the forums lately :p

    I think making a collection like that is a good idea too, hopefully some website owners will offer their sites up as showcases. I know some might prefer not to have their sites listed here; however, I do want to share this one and I think it is an exceptional example we came across recently :slight_smile:

    They at least have Pro Sites and New Blog Templates.

    Very polished look!

    Hope that helps. I'm not sure of any others off-hand, as said earlier, hopefully some users will chime in with their examples :slight_smile:

    Let us know if you have any further questions!

    All the best,

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