List of users in toolbar in sub-sites in WP multisite installation

In my network I have made a few test sites. In baryonstester in the toolbar a lists of sites under My Sites as NSBP Continuum, Baryons Tester and Jets Tester. And when I go to the Dashbord -> Users, I only see admin and baryonstester.

When I signin as I see the user arlingtonscience, which I do not see in baryonstester. Any idea why that is? That is why can jetstester see arlingtonscience and baryonstester cannot.

In the My Sites menu there is some text there saying Blavatar that is mucking up the menu. Where is that coming from and how can I make it go away.

Also it seems that every new user is added to the network admin site as a Participant (for forums) and Subscriber (for blogs). Is this necessary. I fear this list will get pretty long when this network goes live.

Finally the subscriber count Users in the network admin dashboard is off. I have go under Tools -> BuddyPress to repair the member count, but it does not correct this problem.