list order multidomains


cant find my old post about that but I modify the question. Since you told me (ulrich ^^) that custum order is not yet on the road, is it possible at least to define a "default" domain that would appear on top of the list ?

When having many domains this is really important at least for me...

A way to do that ?

  • drmike

    You're talking about during signup, right?

    I don't use the plugin so I;m winging this. I believe a drop down menu of some sort is used. If so, I;d just hardcode in the domains in question.

    Take a look at multi-domains.php and look for the function extend_signup_blogform. Att that does is create the drop down. Run the plugin as is, grab the code that creates the drop down and replace the contents of that function with the drop down code, placing the domain in the order that you want them.

    Should work.

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