Listing Fields Disappear When Using single-listing.php File

I’m using a self-created single-listing.php post_type so I can customize the layout of individual listings pages.

So far so good with that, but when I use my single-listing.php post_type template, the ratings, and custom fields and meta stuff disappears from the template.

Here’s what the individual listings pages look like when I’m NOT using my single-listing.php template: (note the ratings stars, contact user button etc are all there).

BUT: When I’m using my single-listing.php template here’s what I get: (everything is gone but the Headline and description)

Any idea what’s happening here? Switching the templates back and forth results in the above differences, so I’m thinking it must be missing information on my single-listing.php page. I’m not using any theme hooks (Running this site off a Genesis child theme (Metro)) that would remove page elements or anything.