Listing Products By Attribute & Checkout Restrictions

Ok, I'm gonna guess that this is probably a feature request, but just want to make sure I'm not missing something, so here goes:

Context: WordPress MultiSite (using Subdomains)

High-Level End Goal:
1. Network of eCommerce Sites
2. Identical Product Selection across all stores
3. All Order Processing & Payments through the Main Primary Network Site
--- i.e. customers can shop products at but payments and processing are all handled & directed to just (or just and as the owner of "" I don't touch anything related to products/prices/shipping/processing/or anything else on the fulfillment side.----

But I gotta make some money! So,
4. Track sales made through each site and associate them with an account defined for that site's owner (admin)
5. Track sign-ups (for new ecommerce sites) and allocate a set % of sales & sign ups on the new sites and pay a commission to the owner of the original site (basically your standard downline for the dreaded MLM, ha!)


My plan was to use:
- Marketpress
- Affiliates
- Membership, Pro Sites or both
- New Blog Template
- and maybe some User Permissions Tool to keep New Site Owners from Tweaking/Breaking their stores or getting frustrated lol

Let me know if anyone can think of a better way to do this, aside from paying $15K+ for some lame MLM Software platform :wink: