Listing Public Holidays - How Do You List Them?

Can you please advise how to list a public holiday (where it is unlikely to be any training).

At present, I have had to add them as an event - BUT that is stupid and I don't want people trying to BOOK a PUBLIC HOLIDAY.

How is Events+ meant to list a public holiday????



March 10 is Canberra Day
In April is Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Then see the Events page:

This lists the events and you'll see the "I'm attending" etc buttons - this makes the day a nonsense - but there doesn't appear a way to have the public holiday name listed WITHOUT all the event booking info also appearing.


  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi Karen,

    Unfortunately currently there isn't any way to list public holiday.

    You can list it on separate page instead of creating it as an event or hide the holiday events buttons by using the following CSS code.

    Try adding following CSS code in the style.css file of your child theme or add it in your site using the following plugin.

    .wpmudevevents-list .public-holiday .wpmudevevents-viewevent,
    .wpmudevevents-list .public-holiday .wpmudevevents-buttons {
    display: none;
    .wpmudevevents-list .public-holiday .wpmudevevents-date {
    margin-bottom: 15px;

    Best Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • Karen


    I wasn't aware...until I read your other post to someone else yesterday. ...but as I will be moving the site soon to its final resting place, it doesn't really matter. (I may keep a copy as the test site - but either way it won't really matter re the links...over time it won't be relevant as the info will be updated on the main site.)

    I had thought it was "behind a wall" as you have to log into WPMU site to comment and the like (so you'd think it was safe / quarantined), but then again, if people do search on it they can see all the trouble I've had to get things it won't affect my reputation - it will affect WPMU Dev's.

    In fact, that makes it very useful for any classes I do on putting WordPress sites together....I will encourage anyone in the class to do a search on that term and find out that "using WP is easy" is a load of bunkum....and they can find out what using these themes and plugins is really like.

    All it will really show is that I am a cranky ol' so-and-so when things don't work as advertised and the amount of effort put in to get the simplest things done is massive. I think the issue is that in days of yore a product was not put out until it worked.

    These days it's get a bright idea, toss it up and we'll improve it as we go - that is what I see and there is a natural disconnect between the expectation of the user/payee and what is delivered. That is where a lot of my frustration comes from...expecting things to have been thought out BEFORE they are released (like the marketing says/implies) ...not 'fixed' up on the run as you go along.

    Either that or the developers who develop the plugins just don't bother testing them with real users or do up a specification. It's a long way from an "idea" to the actual delivery of a product and it isn't done as 'someone else might come up with a better one so we better get out there and launch it so we are first to market and we can fix anything up later".

    I could be wrong - but that approach seems to be the IT-company approach these days.

    It's speed for the sake of speed and being first to market...and quality and workability pays the price.

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