Listing Reviews not funtioning in 2.x

Ive searched the forums for answers to this but cant find anyting, I might suggest to you guys that you somehow separate Directory1.x posts and Directory 2.x posts, as now, 1.x posts seem to have little or nothing to do with the new version of the plugin, and it becomes confusing which version people are discussing.

My issie is the fact that I am unable to add a review to the listing. My site is still being built but Im happy to post some links to show you whats going on

If you click on a buisiness listing, lets say the sub level “barns” under “Construction” – it takes you to the following link:

ok so far so good, it needs a little cleaning up but at least its there.

OK so now were on the listing page, it has a link that says “No Reviews>>” but no9thing that says “Add A Review”.

When I click on “No Reviews” it doesnt go anywhere, it only returns back to that page with the address

still with no option to add a review. Ive tried this as admin, and I ve created a dunny account in WP as a user and I get the same end result.

All the listings have “Allow Comments” ON in the dashboard area.

what am I missing here? Also, does the user need to be a WP user or do they have to sign up thru the Directory plugin somehow?