Listing subscriptions twice when logged in.

When logged in as administrator, the page that has my subscriptions lists the subscriptions properly under "Select a Subscription". However, then it lists the sames subscription under "Your Subscriptions".

Issue to clarify: As the administrator, this seems to be redundant.

When logged in as a subscriber and member of one of the subscriptions, it lists the subscription under "Select a Subscription" (OK).

Issue to clarify: It seems redundant to have "Select a Subscription" and "Your Subscriptions"

Under "Your Subscriptions" it lists the sames subscriptions with a message like "You are on an indefinite membership" on the subscription I belong to.

Then, under "Your Subscriptions" it says "Your current subscriptions are listed here. You can renew, cancel or upgrade your subscriptions by using the forms below."

Issue to clarify: There are no sign up buttons shown.


  • Vaughan


    thanks for the post.

    #1 as an administrator you have access to everything, so i guess yes, it is a little redundant.

    #2 When logged in as admin i see the following on my subscriptions page. (screenshot 1)

    granted i only have 2 subscriptions. Free & Premium.

    do you not see any unsubscribe buttons or anything?

    I also see the buttons when logged in as a user. But there's a but, I have just noticed & tried it. if I manually add a user to a subscription level from admin, then the buttons do not appear, i guess this is because there's no payment gateway subscription actually in place because the user was manually added to that subscription plan without actually subscribing himself, if that makes sense.

    can you switch to the default 2012 theme and see if the buttons show up then?

    hope this helps


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