listing types and listing levels

I want to be able to have listing types and listing levels.
For each listing level there is a price.
example: bronze - $25, silver - $50, gold - $100.
Listing type can allow for custom fields based on the type of listing. i also want to be able to assign categories to list type so that on the front end i can have a filter feature based on search criteria.

Is this possible ?

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    Hello @design5

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    This is not possible out of the box but you can achieve it via CustomPress and Membership plugin.

    You can create different Listing Types using CustomPress and add custom fields to it.

    Then you can use Membership plugin to create levels and control which level has access to which post type.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same and I will be around.

    Cheers, PC

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    let me know if this is possible using the directory plugin and other plugins that will help achieve this.

    i want to be able to do the following:

    - add a listing type which is to be similar to product type with fields for that type of product which you can assign to a product of that type. so for a listing select a type to allow extra fields to be used specifically for that listing.
    - would like to have different listing levels. bronze $5, silver $10, gold $15, platinum $20.
    - based on the level selected an appropriate template will be used which will determine what can be shown. so if i choose to pay for a gold level then my listing will show all the details such as name, address, phone, website, description, map and so on. but if i chose bronze then all i will see is name, address and phone.
    - the user can add more listings and at the same time be able to choose a listing level in which they pay for. so i can go and add a listing using bronze for one of businesses and get a gold for another business. these will still be under the same login account.

    now with the directory and other plugins you provide. what is the best method of approaching this requirement.

    Thanks for your help

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    Hiya @design5

    Greetings and thanks for posting back. Sorry for the delay as I was away for a family wedding.

    As I said before, its not possible without some custom coding.

    You can add different post types using CustomPress and then you can theme it by creating your own custom templates.

    Using Memembership plugin you can create different Access levels and define which level has access to which post. you can setup like

    Level 1 has access to Post type A
    Level 2 Has access to Post Type B
    Level 3 Has access to Post Type C etc

    Let me call our lead developer on this thread for more info on this.

    Cheers, PC

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    well i want to be able to charge a client for every listing they make. i dont think i can do this with membershop plugin unless the user creates multiple accounts ... is that right ?
    and since i will be using the membership account how do i tell the directory that this person is a member and can only create one listing using the membership they got.

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    No easy way to do it. You could combine it with Membership and use the "directory_full_access" filter in Directory to decide who has access based on their Mmebership levels and do the charging through Membership where you can set multiple prices.

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    to make it seem abit simpler.
    what i want is something like this with the directory and other plugins:

    there is a hotel. there is 5 rooms and each one is rated.
    room 1 is a 1 star for $100/week has no features.
    room 2 is a 2 star for $200/week has some features.
    room 3 is a 3 star for $300/week has abit more features than room2.
    room 4 is a 4 star for $400/week has abit more features than room 3.
    room 5 is a 5 star for $500/week is the best and has all the features. it has everything.

    what i mean by features is whats in the room.

    in the above case:
    "room" is a listing.
    "star" is the membership type/level?
    "$" is the amount to be paid for the listing.
    "features" is the fields. each room has a certain number of fields. the more fields the more expensive.

    would be recurring payment and if the client decides to stay for 3 weeks it would be a weekly payment for 3 weeks.

    now how would i go about setting this up.
    if you can set this up or something as close as this with the plugins you have so i can see how its done and move on from there.

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    ok pretty much i want something similar to the link below.

    i want to do this with the membership/directory/custompress plugins.

    also how do i enable/disable fields based on membership level chosen. i want to have like options as to which fields i can enable/disable for each level.

    another thing while playing with the membership plugin i set up 3 plans (bronze, silver, gold plans) and added a level to each one. on the frontend i went to see how it looked and noticed that only the first plan had the signup button and the other two nothing. how to fix that or have i set it up wrong.

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