Listings Are Not Showing On Listing Page

I have installed everything and the Listing page is not showing my listing I added as a test. If I delete the listing then the Listing page shows No listings, but if I add it back the page is just blank. Even if I try to add just words on the Listings page to see what happens the page is still blank.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not doing the shortcodes right.

For example if I wanted the Categories to display I just copied the part [dr_list_categories style=”grid | list”] and add it to the Listings page.

List of Categories: [dr_list_categories style=”grid | list”]

This one for the Listings:

[dr_listings_btn view=”loggedin | loggedout | always”]<img src=”someimage.jpg” />Listings[/dr_listings_btn]

I am so frustrated. Please help.