Listings no longer showing on home page? (Tags are removed)

Very odd…

I logged in as the admin to create a test listing. (I wanted to see what it looks like, and how it functions for users who pay to be in my directory.)

I created a listing, and added a couple tags to the appropriate categories.

Here’s the listing:

All is well — and I look at the home page.

Works fine: The tags I used in the listings were displayed in the categories I entered them in. (Using tags to display listings may be a different topic all together — I am not in love with that.. But, I digress..)

A couple hours later, I went back to the site to begin some more experimenting, and determine what else I can do, or need to do, to make this go live.

I visited the main home page of the directory:

…and to my surprise — the listing is missing. It would appear that there are zero listings. (Yet, I know there is one.)

I log in to check and see if my listing / post has been deleted, but it is there.

I then look at the tags, and see the tags I entered earlier are now missing completely.

I then re-add them and save the post / listing. Same result: The listing is missing from the home page. Quickly review the post / listing — and the tags are again, missing.

I don’t understand this, as I’ve never had any content that I enter into a post (or tag fields, etc.) removed, or not saved.

Now, I’m stumped.

NOTE: I think I did one thing between the original post of the listing, and checking the listing a couple hours later. I added a “terms of service” to the signup process. That’s it. (I’m sure they’re totally unrelated, but I thought I’d at least include this minor detail, in the event they are connected.)

Any thoughts on what’s going on?