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I have listing categories, they are appearing on the home page, but the page the categories link to are not found.

I have computers listing, with taxonomy of tablets. I have a product page called ipad which I have categorized with tablets under computers.

Now when I preview an actual listing (which works), the URL is something like: /listing/ipad/
However the links from the home page (which aren't working) are like: /computers/tablets/

What should the slugs on the homepage be?

  • Kimberly
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    Hello and Welcome to WPMU! Thank you for being a member :slight_smile:

    I understand the problem you are having but am not sure what plugin you are using? Is it Marketpress or Directory?

    As a general rule you always want your slugs to match the parent name exactly. I've run across instances in other plugins that do not display correctly unless the slug is exactly the same as the name you are creating.

    Please let me know what plugin you are using and if you have any luck checking your slugs !


  • BlueHorizons
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    Hi KimberlyL,

    I am using Directory. Just to be clear, I am starting with default data that is recommended by yourselves *edit: just noticed you are also a member*. I have the website (aka Wordpress) sitting in the root. I have just added an ipad page to wordpress and published it, associating it to the tablets category I added to the computers listing.

    I haven't done any customizing at all, it is wordpress stock (with readable permalinks) and Directory. As I say, the directory listings are appearing with blank categories and my test Tablets category for Computers. As I say, the category appears, and I have associated a page with the category ... however, the category link on the home page doesn't return a page with ipad in it, but instead a sorry we can't find your content page (not what I expect). I can confirm that the ipad page is published though and appears fine (but then I'd expect that, as pages are working fine in wordpress and thus suspect something with Directory is not setup correctly).

    Any ideas why I am unable to get category links on my home page to link to a listing of pages that are associated with the category?



  • Kimberly
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    Just a quick update, I haven't been back to answer because I'm installing and looking around in Directory on a test site.

    I've never used it before so I want to make sure I can answer your question correctly and fully understand what you are asking :slight_smile: I'll be back! Unless someone more senior than I can work this out for you hehe


    PS I'm trying out for support staff :wink:

  • Kimberly
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    After looking around I am wondering if maybe your permalinks aren't causing the issue. Maybe try a reset or check your settings? I found that one of my test listings was lost when I changed my permalinks.

    Also, how are you creating the Categories? I am creating them in the Add Listing page, ensuring that the box is checked before I publish the listing. The taxonomy will not show listings unless there are categories underneath, so if you are creating a category under the taxonomy then you "should" be able to see the listing when you click on the category.

    Sorry if you are already doing the above, just trying to figure out where there could be a relationship missing!


  • BlueHorizons
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    I am wondering if maybe your permalinks aren't causing the issue

    Seems to be the case, Kimberly. I thought I should give it a try and bam, the categories listing page works when permalinks are set to default. So I went back and tried changing the permalinks to something more SEO friendly and it doesn't work.

    So, permalinks in Wordpress work (I checked the other default wordpress pages), but not with Directory categories page!? Any ideas why it only seems to be this particular type of page that is not working with non-default permalinks?

    Much appreciate your time on this Kimberly.

  • BlueHorizons
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    Thanks again, Kimberly. Not all permalink types work ... if that isn't in the installation documentation, then I think it should (or get fixed). So for anyone looking for solution to broken categories page or missing categories listing etc, check your permalink type.

    Thanks again, Kimberly.

  • BlueHorizons
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    There is seemingly still aproblem ...

    Whenever I create new category, the category index breaks (for that associated listing only it seems). It isn't the type of permalink that has been the problem, but simply I have to change the permalink type every time I create a new category (some sort of cache problem I guess).

    Still, I can work around it now that I know what is breaking the categories listing page.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings BlueHorizons,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    Kimberly was spot on with this being a permalinks issue and though I have yet to be able to reproduce the issue on my test environment, I will keep an eye on it and bring it to the developers attention if this anomaly persists.

    Thank you again for being a WPMU Dev member.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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