Little Facebook Icon Disappeared from Header

I moved the the website from a subdomain to the main domain:

Almost everything seemed to make the trip. I had to change the link url’s in the header tabs. And although the Facebook “Like” button is still there on the footer, the smaller FB icons that were on the header and footer are gone. Here’s what the code looks like for the header:

<ul class=”share-wrapper”>

<li class=”share-item item-facebook”>

<svg xmlns=”; width=”30″ height=”30″ viewBox=”-63 995 35 35″ class=”icon icon-static icon-facebook-stroke”>

<use xmlns:xlink=”; xlink:href=””></use&gt;


<svg xmlns=”; width=”30″ height=”30″ viewBox=”-63 835 35 35″ class=”icon icon-hover icon-facebook-color”>

<use xmlns:xlink=”; xlink:href=””></use&gt;


I can’t remember what it was, so I don’t know if this has changed or not. I had been having an issue with the actual icons not showing up on the page in Upfront, but they were there when the site was opened with a browser.