Little problems with STATUS


I’m new here and started with the plugin that brought me to your site.

I installed the STATUS on our Wine Confraternity.

Monthly we promote a virtual meeting to talk about wines thru an Event on a Facebook Group, but it has a lot of problems and we decided to open a way to our friends posts photos and opinions about wine on our website.

As I said, I installed STATUS on our website and made a basic configuration, but there is something wrong.

1. The status box appears on top of page, bellow the header, occuping the full width of page. It is not that I was expecting. Could be a theme incompability? We use DIVI on this site.

2. The status box just appears when I’m logged on WordPress. How our friends will post your opinions? I’m expecting something like a status publish of Facebook.

I granted the support access to website.

Thanks a lot.