Live streaming videos with Flussonic Litecast script

I am looking into a live streaming service. Flussonic offers a variety of services including the Litecast script. My giant network of networks and sites will potentially have up to 10,000 viewers of these videos at any time.

I have some questions relating to live streams and WordPress. Is there someone out there with experience in this that I can talk with?

My main question right now is how to build an uploader that will upload videos to the correct streaming channel. Each site will have its own channel.

So first, will someone bump this if you have experience with live streaming services through a multi network WordPress site.


  • Jacob311
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    The global network is the national site. This national site will aggregate certain content from other sites within it. The aggregated content will include featured images, title of a post, and text content of a post.

    The global network, or national site, starts at

    There are state networks that have sites for each school in the global network.

    Idaho’s network is at This network site will have aggregated content form each of the school sites within /idaho.

    A school site would be

    The football coach at Skyline High School will go to to find an upload form where they will have a form to fill out. This form will include the sport, the gender of the team, the opposing team’s name, a title for the video, an area for a description of the video, and finally an upload/stream function.

    The other parts of the form and all aggregating functions are easy and mostly built already. But I’m still thinking through the streaming process.

    Each school site will have sport pages. There will be a football page, basketball, baseball, etc. So on these pages, the football one for example, there will be a live stream at the top of the page that automatically shows any live streamed content of a football game going on at Skyline High School. Underneath the live stream will be links to archived games.

    I am unclear about how exactly the coach or whomever records the video of a game and have it live streamed to the site. How can I instruct them about how this happens? Will they be able to use any recording device like a regular video camera? Does this camera have to be plugged into a computer with an Internet connection to run the stream?

    And, how from this live stream can I get it recorded and saved as an archived video? Is there an automatic way of doing this? Say, if the coach goes to, fills out the form then clicks “Stream Now” (or some kind of start streaming button), can that video be recorded while it’s streaming? Then when the stream is finished or disconnected, can that recorded stream be moved to the archives automatically?

    If so then I can take that automatically saved video and using the form the coach filled out, specifically the sport selection field, move that video to that sport’s page. So the stream that was recorded, after the stream was finished, would appear as a regular video at

    This is what I want to happen. What are your thoughts?

  • Imperative Ideas
    • HummingBird

    At that size, you’re going to be streaming it all off of a CDN anyhow. 10,000 videos a day will destroy any VPN you put up so, really, that’s the critical piece right there. Now, it’s just my two cents, but I think you’ll save yourself a lot of pain by building a custom post type around a Cloudfront stream.

    That example uses JWPlayer and doesn’t go into how the custom post type would be built. If Custompress doesn’t do the job for you, have a look at wp-types to build the object code and visual interface. Or do it manually, up to you.

    But really, consider a scalable streaming solution. If you try to run your own server you are going to get crushed by bandwidth spikes. Also, I hope you have properly estimated the cost of this undertaking. AWS time isn’t expensive compared to running your own servers but it’s not cheap either, if you’re not used to $2500 bills.

  • Imperative Ideas
    • HummingBird

    Sorry, I didn’t address the multisite component. That’s going to have to be done with switch to blog statements. Any time you do network sharing, you add a huge layer of complexity.

    It’s one thing to give everybody a site that sources from the mothership’s plugin library. It’s another thing entirely to share content without creating duplicate content nightmares with Google.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for the post, there’s not much i can add to the superb advice by @imperative Ideas.

    but yes, you’re definitely going to require a top notch server if you’re streaming that many per day, the bandwidth cost will be huge too so take that into consideration when looking around.

    hope this helps


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