[LiveChat Support] LiveChat Support Display

Firstly, I want to say that WPMU DEV Live Chat is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Ticket support was great, but for some things, the live response is awesome!

But, I do have a feature request for the way the chat is displayed. It currently displays inside the WPMU DEV website, in around a quarter of the page. This is standard for most live chats, as they do not want to interrupt you browsing their site. But for the WPMU DEV, most of the time the purpose of the site visit is the live chat, so the functionality to continue browsing the site is not needed, for most of my live chats it remains on the Get Support page whilst I chat. This is wasting a lot of screen space and could be put to better use.

My recommendation is that you use LiveChatInc’s Direct Chat Link. What this would mean is after completing the ‘What do you need help with?’ popup, and filling out your issue, topic and website, you would be redirected (or a new tab would open) to the chat page, which would look something like this.

It would be the same chat look and experience, but it would be in full screen in its own tab. This means sharing screenshots wouldn’t require opening them in a new tab, it means sharing code snippets wouldn’t require so much scrolling, and it means you could put the window side by side with your WordPress site so it wouldn’t require switching between tabs. I generally think that for this live support use case, this is a much better UX to go with, and it is easy to implement as it is already a LiveChatInc feature.