Loading Image for Appointments+ Schedule

How can I show a "loading" image or icon on the front end for the Appointments+ Schedule.

For example, when a client selects a service, it must load the available Service Providers -- this is when it should show a loading icon so the client knows the website is working.

Same thing goes for the 3rd step, after they've selected the Service Provider and the schedule is loading the available days.


  • Vaughan

    Hi amanda,

    Hope you're well?

    As default the plugin just refreshes the page, so a loading image will not work for that case.

    You could perhaps use the AJAX add-on, and use the autorefresh="1" parameter in both the app_services & app_service_providers shortcodes.

    [app_services autorefresh="1"]
    [app_service_providers autorefresh="1"]

    With the AJAX add-on enabled, you then surround the apps+ shortcodes with the ajax shortcode [app_combo] [/app_combo]

    For example;


    Hope this helps

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