Loading up products offline

What is the best way to load up products into marketpress 'offline' then import them into the live site marketpress store when you are ready?

ie can you export products, including images from a local install of marketpress?

I am aware we cam import but I can see where we can export other than Tools- Export xml file, which appears you cant import?


  • aswdesigns

    So here's the procedure I was able to get working "offline". This assumes a working local installation (using XAMPP or some other local webserver/mysql package).

    1. Start by exporting the existing site you wish to update and use that as a base point. (using the "Export" feature under Tools). You have to choose "All content" for the media library entries to move over.

    2. Download all content in the "/wp-content" and copy into your local installation in the same directories.

    3. Enable the Wordpress Import plugin on your local installation (you may have to download and install) by following the instructions in the "Import" section under Tools.

    4. Import the exported xml file from the main site. (be sure to check the box that says "Download and import file attachments"). This will also create Media Library entires for the files you copied over previously.

    5. Make the changes locally you wish to. (Add products, "upload" images, etc...).

    6. Export the local changes as you did in step 1.

    7. Upload the new files in "/wp-content" on the local installation to the live site (usually in the /uploads folder).

    8. Import the local export into the live site. Also make sure to check the "Download and import file attachments" box. That should create the new Media Library entries for the files you just uploaded. Also any new products, pages, posts, etc.. will show up.

    It appears that products won't be duplicated, either. The main site won't re-create products that already exist.

    One caveat to this method that I've found is that you have to export and import "All content" to be able to get the media library to refresh with the new uploaded files. Ideally, you'd just want to export "Products" and be able to import just them. Also, it is very important to start with a fresh import, so that the post ids match up. That seems to be how the products keep track of their thumbnail images.

    Just thought of one more thing. Your local installation will probably mangle the urls of images within the product description (and any posts or pages) because of the local url you'd be using. You'd have to change the image entries in the posts /products to reflect the main site's base url. Luckily, there's a plugin that does just that: Velvet Blues Update URLs so you can replace the 'http://localhost/wp-....' with the live site urls. You could also get sneaky with local installations and masquerade them as the live site by editing your 'hosts' file, but that gets much more complicated.....

    Hope this helps!

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