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The Buddypress theme I’m using only allows profile images through Gravatar.com. I would like to make local avatars possible for profile pictures. How can I do this?

The url is http://activelifelinx.com.

  • Geoutah
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    The theme I’m using seems to have disabled this feature.

    I think it’s this: <?php if ( !(int)bp_get_option( ‘bp-disable-avatar-uploads’ ) ) : ?>

    I’m not sure if I can just delete this code to re-enable avatars.


  • Geoutah
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    What is your PHP sandbox of choice?

    I’ve had a difficult time configuring Dreamweaver to work in a dynamic environment.

    I very much like WAMP but I’ve not spent much time with it.

    The developer was of very little help. I opted for the Network theme in WPMU’s theme section.

    The client loves it and it suits my needs much better.

  • PC
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    Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in response as I was away for my wedding. Apologies for any issues due to the delay.

    I have always used WAMP whenever I needed and found it easy to use. Generally, I use a lab site on my own VPS as that works faster than my local install :smiley:



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