Local backup files not removed

Managed Backups backup files are not removed from /snapshots/ folder after upload.

Our host turning offline because of errors. A close inspection brought us to the conclusion that A LOT of space is being used up because of all of the snapshots by Snapshot.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello IT Starts With Coffee,

    I checked your site and yes, there is a space occupied by local copy of managed backup. But the thing is that is only one instance from 28th September. On 28th September something went wrong with backup and it was not send to cloud and also left some temporary files that should be deleted.

    But after that, backups are send to could and there is no local copies left. That looks like one time issue - I checked error_logs and at that date there is one error suggesting where was 500 internal error during the snapshot and that could interrupt sending it.

    I removed temporary files and that one old backup - can you check now with your hosting provider if there is enough space on your server for that site and try running managed backup again? It should correctly move to cloud without leaving local copies.

    Let me know how it works.

    kind regards,

  • IT Starts With Coffee

    Hello Kasia (and the rest of support team),

    Thanks for your reply. You are right about the error that occurred on this particular website. It probably happened during the backup, which is why the local backup files were not removed. However, we do have this problem on a number of other websites. They didn’t all have an error during the last backup, most of them even have a green ‘backup’ icon in the overview of the hub. Unfortunately these website all have a large snapshots folder. Some of them even no less then 5GB. This suggests that more than one backup is still stored locally and all of them seem to have the same exact problem. This could be because of the way we initially added the websites to the hub, or maybe the last error that occurred. Either way, I would like to reduce the local server storage, preferably it be removed after some time when it's in the cloud. Can I delete the snapshots folder without problem?

    Here is the solution I propose. I'll delete all of the local backups. We’ll keep an eye on the server for the next two weeks. If the problem persists and the snapshots folders get too large again, can you then take a second look at it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,
    Peter Padberg
    IT Starts With Coffee

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