local server or web server for test? Then move online best practice

Just wondering the best way to set up wordpress for comprehensive testing - on a web server or local server? With the intention to finally move the site to a web host once fully functional. I have had a lot of trouble moving wp before and tips?

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey @cara_dinley

    Welcome to the Community!

    Lol at @MTB1701 's reply :wink: Let me throw in my thoughts.

    - If your intention is to try out stuff and experiment plugins or themes (like we have lots of plugins and you would want to test them), then I would suggest you try it on local. Local host is faster and allows faster editing of stuff if you have to.

    - If you are building a new site from scratch and it involves very less theme editing / customization , go for web server. If you have lots of theme editing in this case, edit the theme locally and when its final, upload it to the web server and do the rest there.

    - If you are working on a existing live site and you are gonna do a major overall, make a copy of it locally and work on it and then take it online. You don't want to mess up anything on a Live site, right?

    - If you are gonna be away from the internet, obviously do it locally.

    Bottom line, its up to you, it really doesn't make a diff where you do it, if you don't feel comfortable moving stuff around, just do it online :slight_smile:

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