localhost refused to connect

I am NOT using Multi-Site or BuddyPress. I am using WordPress. I have installed WAMP. I can invoke the phpMyAdmin from the tray both as root and another username I created. First what the error message is. It is simply: Localhost refused to connect.

- I have installed WAMP;
- I have installed WordPress;
- I installed a custom theme. It was working generically but when I attempted to duplicate my site on my ISP, things went to hell. This is what I did to cause the failure, according to my recollection:
- I exported the ISP site db;
- I imported the db into my local site
- Big one: I FTP'd about 6,000 files from the sub-directories off the ISP /public-html site that were under WordPress. They are: wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes. They were copied into sub-directories of the same name on my PC in the same relative location.
- I have checked port 80 through the WAMP feature and my OS says its not being used.
- Port 3306 is being used correctly.
- I have had several errors when invoking http://localhost/wordpress that I corrected in wp-config.php. Not sure I did the right thing.
- The error in the topic is what I'm now getting.
- I don't know how to update VirtualHosts entry.

Look forward to assistance.