Localisation of WPMUDEV plugins

Dear Team,
Thanks a lot for such valuable tools making working wordpress multisite look so easy.
I am a non technical person with some basic knowledge about hosting. If not for WPMUDEV - i would have left my idea of making money with wordprees multisite midway.

But there is one big NEED - I are from India and would discuss in my country's context. This might fit for all non US Dollors accepting countries. All the plugins at some point or other need Localisation - namely - Currency and Payment Gateways

I am sure these plugins can be customised. But for a non technical person like me customising them is not practically possible. The use of WPMUDEV tools i think are more targeted at people like me. as they are simple to use.

If the great team at wpmudev could take upon itself and work on localisation it would be very useful.

my target audience is my country people so i would prefer to have the plugins (specifically prosites) be accept payments in Indian Rupee.

ProSITES give only one Payment gateway that is PAYPAL - whereas - our indian laws are averse to paypal lot of people find it difficult to pay through paypal (please google it to understand why)

We should be able to accept in local currencies with local payment gateways
a) Debit Card or Credit Cards
b) NetBanking
c) Give option for Offline Payments
d) Wire Transfer

Give us an option to add our own payment gateways

for example PAYUMONEY.com is a Indian payment gateway and it has a integration kit ready for WooCommerce ( why not we have something for marketpress also)


Last but not the least India is huge market localisation would be a win win situation for all.

Best regards

Srinivas Peesapty