Locked Out from My Admin Page - Too Many Login Attempts (by a hacker)

Hello ther Bob,

Thanks for posting on the forums.

I have been receiving the following message from the iThemes plug-in (Usually comes in spurts.....like 8 at a time....every so often)

Dear Site Admin,
A host,, and a user, , have been locked out of the WordPress site at http://delizios.com due to too many bad login attempts.
The host has been locked out until 2014-05-16 03:43:21 and the user has been locked out until .
To release the lockouts please visit the lockouts page.

Should this be anything to be very worried about? Or is just an informational message that indicates a hacker is trying to access our site......and that I shouldn't be too worried if I have the right security set-up?

Thanks for your feedback,

Does it also provide a username ? If yes, did you check if you actually have that username on your site ?

It can be both a failed login attempt or a successful hacking attempt due to which you are getting this message.

If you got your security right, you should not worry about it. Just make sure you are taking proper and regular backups so that you are ready for anything unexpected :slight_smile:

I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

Cheers, PC


Yes....it provides a user name....which is the username (rmickus) that I use to log in to my admin panel.

I just tried logging in using this username and it won't let me in!

I receive the message: "You have been locked out due to too many login attempts."

Help! I need to access my site to post some updates.