Locked out of site [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Yesterday I was working on site development. I started using VFB Pro and created one form...no problems. I had to step away and today I came back to the project and when I try to see the site or go to the login page I get a white screen that just says: [an error occurred while processing this directive]

I only have 5-6 plugins, all of which I have used before with no issues. I went into Filemanager and deleted a couple but left in Akismet (not activated) Jetpack (not activated) and VFB Pro. (Currently using.)

I don't understand what could have happened. It was fine, I go away for a day, and now I can't even login. When I search online I can find no consistency as to what this error means. It seems sometimes to just "go away." Does anybody here know or have experience with this error?

I have restarted my computer. I used Mojo to install my Wordpress on Bluehost. And I have experienced no problems until today. I am seeing the error whether i go to the login page or just try to go to the site, or if I login to Bluehost and click on "admin login" from the My Installs area.

I also tried other browsers and get the same error.

Here's the site: