Locking down Buddypress Site

Hi All,

I have been pulling my hair for the last week so hope you can help. I need to lock down a buddypress site so it is available only to registered users or people with facebook accounts.


login/register page with facebook option to login and facebook avatar in Buddypress.

I have tried:

1. Custom login/register page (by edit bp-custom.php) with WP-FB AutoConnect.

Can login via buddypress user but when using facebook it will approve the credentials but will not redirect you to the home page, goes back to the registartion page.

If I use Simple connect plugin it will redirect me to the home page but no Avatar support.

2. Remove the custom page and use “Absolute Privacy” and “WP-FB AutoConnect” to lock down the site. now all works fine but when person register and activates their account an admin has to approve the account (Can’t turn this off)

3. Using “Absolute Privacy” and “Ultimate Facebook” all works fine (still have to approve accaount, which is a part of “Absolute Privacy”:wink:. But it take for ever to login ever if I close the page and come back click log in via facebook button (credentials are cached) it will take a minute to login. Also noticed that when configuring/adding the “Ultimate Facebook” in the admin portal.

My question is can people share what they are using as code or plugins that work. I don’t care what I use as long it works .