Log in to the main site automatically

I am looking for a plugin that would automatically log the user to his/her website and also to the main website. I am looking for something similar to WP Multisite SSO.
The issue with Multisite SSO is that is logging the user to all the websites, and if you have a network with +1000 websites, the user would have to wait a few good minutes before the log in. Also, the user is redirected to the main page, instead of being redirected to the dashboard.

The reason I'm asking that under Pro Site plugin is because I want to sort a flow issue when using Pro Sites. When the user wants to Upgrade and clicks on the upgrade link, he's redirected to the main website - the pro sites page (site.com/premium-sites/?bid=XX). But, because he's not logged into the main website, he has to enter credentials again. For a better UX, I would like to remove this step.

Thank you for all your support


  • Dimitris

    Hello Mario,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    I think you're looking for the famous Multisite User Management plugin

    Running a WordPress network? You no longer need to manually add new users to each of your sites.
    With this plugin, users are assigned a default role for each of your sites. You set the default role for each site and this plugin applies it.
    You can assign different roles for each site or keep a site private by assigning no role.

    Another useful plugin for your case could also be Join My Multisite

    Auto-add users
    Have a ‘Join This Site’ button in a widget
    Keep things exactly as they are
    Create a per site registration page
    Use a shortcode to put a ‘join this site’ button on any page/post.

    Hope that was some help, let us know if further assistance is required here!
    Warm regards,

  • Mario

    Thank you Dimitris for the prompt reply.
    They're all great plugins - the ones you mentioned - but all I want is to use an authentication cookie for the user to be logged into the main website automatically when he is redirected to mainsite.com/pro-sites/ to make a payment.

    For a different purpose I'm still using Join My Multisite - and the user is automatically added to that site, but he still needs to log in. What I want is to eliminate the extra step for the user who wants to upgrade the account using Pro Sites.

    There might not be a plugin for that, the closes one I found, as mentioned previously, was Multisite SSO.

    Thank you for all the support! Enjoy the weekend!


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mario!

    With Pro Sites by default the user should be able to access checkout page for upgrade anyway, not needing to provide credentials anyway.

    Could you please go to "Network Admin -> Pro Sites -> Settings -> General Settings" page and check what "Checkout Permissions" are currently set there?

    Also, is there either our Domain Mapping plugin set or are there any domains mapped to sub-sites using WP core mapping feature or other tools? Are there any additional security plugins?

    Please advise!

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mario!

    Thank you for your replay.

    If you're using Domain Mapping and have domains mapped to sub-sites that might be a case indeed. Domain Mapping however does include a feature that should let you overcome it: on "Network Admin -> Settings -> Domain Mapping" page there's a setting for cross-domain auto-login.

    Have you tried that already? It does not log user in to all the sub-sites at once, it does that only when login is required so that should help in this case.

    Let me know please if you tried that and what was the result.

    Best regards,