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Just installed Login and Logout redirects. Login redirect works perfect.

Logout redirect takes me back to login page with the url created by the login redirect plugin.

If I remove the login redirect plugin the logout plugin works as expected.

It would appear that the two plugins are not compatible.

Seems to me that you should be able to define both a login and a logout url in the same plugin.

If this can be resolved so that both can be used simultaneously it would be great or if they can be combined.


  • wlpdrpat

    Hey Mason,

    About an hour after I reported this (without my taking any action to cause it that I am aware of) it began to work in that on both login and logout I got the expected redirect.

    However, once it began to work the custom options page for my theme is getting redirected to aspecificblog.mydomain.com/wp-admin/?c=1. Every blog in my site when I try to access the theme custom options page gets redirected to the same blog. This of course has me a bit freaked as the blog it is redirecting to appears to be very random to me (I can't figure out why it would choose this blog).

    After installing these two plugins I also installed the Support plugin that is provided here and configured it, which all appeared to proceed very nicely. I noticed the described behavior after installing the support plugin but it may have happened prior but I didn't check it.

    In an effort to resolve this issue I tried removing all mu plugins one at a time and deactivating all normal plugins one at a time. However, this did not resolve the issue.

    This has me more than a bit concerned as my entire network is based around this particular theme that I developed and now I can't access the options page.

    The good news is that I upgraded this install yesterday to 3.0.4 and therefore have a very recent backup of the database and files but I would prefer to know what caused this before reverting to a backup so that I don't cause the same issue again.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  • wlpdrpat

    Hey Mason,

    I am using a custom menu editor which created the undesired redirects. I removed the custom menus I created and reverted to the default menu and it resolved the problem.

    It also appears that the redirects are now working for both login and logout plugin but there was definitely a conflict when they were initially installed, which appears to resolve itself after a couple hours. Not sure what creates that kind of behavior.

    It was an article in the forum here that helped point me in the right direction to identify the solution:

    Essentially, the menu editor plugin created the issue as it changed the permissions to the page I was trying to access.

    Anyway, it all appears good now.


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