Logged-in subscribers don't have access to BP pages and public areas


I’m creating a membership subscription site using WP Multisite and BuddyPress that features BP installed on the main site and sub sites using the subfolder setup. Each of the subfolder sites are locked to the public as these are courses for subscribed users, while the main site is open to all. I have four subscriptions – one for each existing subfolder/course, and five levels – one for each course and a public one.

Users who are administrators of the site and of the membership plugin are in all four subscriptions and all five levels and can see everything. Users who are not logged in (strangers/public) can see the main site, and not the locked down course sites.

The problem exists for users who are logged in as subscribers (WP definition). They can see posts in their designated subfolder, but not pages, and the assigned BP group on the main site, but the rest of the main site (which is public) is blocked, and a custom WP query I have in the footer, which displays recent blog post excerpts, is blank.

In the level settings, the only positive rules listed are the appropriate BP Blog (subfolder site) and the BP Group (main site) and private messaging. There are no negative rules. In the public level settings (or, stranger…:wink:, there are no positive rules, and the only negative rules are the BP Blogs and Groups.

Is there something wrong with the settings that this is happening? How can I get my logged in users to see the pages they need to see?