Logged in user cannot post questions or view answers

I've been debugging this issue for over two weeks and I cannot solve this issue. Besides the admin user and qa visitors, other user roles cannot see the three buttons or post/submit questions. There seem to be a role issue. I am working on a multisite install of the latest wordpress version. I have tried to deactivate all plugins and change themes and the issue is still not solved.

I think it is important to note that I have buddypress network enabled and I have a feeling that when a visitor register via the register link, they are not assigned a default role.

One last detail to mention: when I go to the admin panel for the main site and manually add a user (skipping email confirmation), the user is visible in the user list and could post/edit/view question.

    Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @phanlucas,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for granting me access.

    I've taken a look and your setup looks good, it is for logged in users as you said, returning that user to the non-authorized page.

    All capabilities are setup, the user has the correct role, I've flagged the lead developer for his valuable input here.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Kind Regards


    Hi phanlucas

    Here's what I'm seeing on your site. I registered to make a user to test with. When I was done the user could login, and I could see his record at the network level.

    However when I go to the individual sites endtry and support, they are not there.This means they were not assigned a Role on the subsites. BuddyPress handles it's own roles so that's why you can see Buddypress membership and such.

    Belonging to a site requires a role.and capabilities are attached to roles. So I went to Endtry and in Users I clicked Add New > Add Existing user and entered my email address.and the Subscriber Role. This is the normal way of adding a user to a subsite.

    Problem is that the user Still doesn't appear in the subsite user list. Something is preventing their appearance there. So on the subsites the role and capabilities can't be read for a given user. Note on the All users page that the All count is 5 but none show.

    Why it's doing this I don't know. You have two different plugins adding users to each site. They maybe conflicting. But the basic problem is that Q&A can't get user information and even your admin user pages can't display them on the subsite.



    Sorry for the delay, school had just started for me. Everything you said is correct and I have realized it beforehand. I currently do not know where to start to debug the issue. I had deleted the database and did a fresh install of the latest version of wordpress. This still did not resolve the issue.

    There is one thing worth mentioning: When I go to the admin interface for the main site and add a user by User > Add New, with the role set to "subscriber" and checked the "skip email confirmation" checkbox, the user is added correctly and is visible on the main site as well as the network. If I add users in this manner, everything work fine but I do not believe this is how Q&A suppose to work.

    Also, I had previously deleted all of the "role" plugins and this seem to do nothing because the issue still persists. The support Access portal is open as of now and will be open until February 1 if you want to take a look at the backend.

    Thank you in advance.