Logic question on disconnecting pro site from multisite to just 1 site

I have a multi-site that I installed buddypress and prosite onto. Then I have 5 additional subsites that I have built to complement the main site, all are listed on nav bars of all of these.

I am changing the domain names with the domain mapping plugin for these main sub sites one at a time, and this process seems to be working well. I then use the velvet blue plugin to change internal links.

I will not be changing the main multisite domain of course. And I want to keep the buddypress plugin activated on that main site as well. But, I want to disconnect the pro site from the entire network. Here is what I am hoping to accomplish:

I want to still provide hosting for people who come to my network. But, I want this to be on a very limited, much more controlled basis. Matter of fact, I will not make the sign in for this public. So I don't want theprosite blog registration to be a part of the member registration for the buddypress.

It makes sense to have the pro site plugin on the main site, and I do have paid recurring members set up and don't really want to change that. Can I have a prosite plugin active on this main site that will not affect the ability for others to just sign up for buddypress?

If I have to move the pro site plugin to another subsite, how will that affect my existing paid members and their sites already on the network?

Any suggestions for making this a neat and tidy transition? Thanks in advance! You all are so great! Linda @iempoweru

  • Vaughan

    Hi Linda,

    Hope you're well?

    You can't move the pro-site plugin to a subsite as it only works via the main site.

    If you wish to remove the pro-site option from the signup form, then you can uncheck the box in the pro sites settings page.

    Show Option On Signup

    Network dashboard > pro sites > settings

    You can also change the setting in the network settings to prevent blog signups on registration, so people can only initially register as users, but still allow them to create a blog once they have already registered.

    Network Dashboard > settings > network settings

    Logged in users may register new sites.

    Hope this helps

  • iempoweru

    @Vaughan good morning! I hope you are well. I already did not have "show the option at signup" checked. And I changed network settings to the "Logged in users may register new sites" because I do want them to be able to upgrade later if appropriate. I changed the name of the Pro Site and Upgrade buttons on the admin bar to reflect that.

    Ok, more questions on this. Let me explain what I want to do and then see how I can accomplish it. I think it should be easy, but, I am caught in a "forest for the trees" thing. Also, I don't want to change my existing configurations for Pro Site.

    I want to keep my existing prosite set up exactly as it is now - it works perfectly. But, I don't want it to be available immediately if ever to the general public. I will build in ways to introduce it with private links, etc. So no changes to any of the setup - I love it just the way it is.

    But, I want to be able to grant access to anyone who comes along to be a part of the buddypress network already set up. And I want them all to have access to each of the other sites when they initially sign up for this free access. Each of the main sites on the nav bar will have different things available - some free, some not and I will control those with free & paid levels using pay per view or membership plugins.

    This sounds so dumb, but, I can't figure out how to get the buddypress signup configured. I put up the buddypress login widget and it works if you already have an account. But, how do I get it to include a register link within the widget?

    And using my own login, if I log in on the main network site, it will automatically log me into the other nav bar sites. This is GREAT - just what I want. But, I notice when I log out of the main site, it does not log me out of all of the other ones. Do I have something configured incorrectly, or is this just how it is?

    Whew! Thanks so much for your help! Linda @iempoweru

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