Login as user? I know you're out there!

I know I saw a plugin somewhere that allows the admin to login as any user. Alas, I have been unable to re-find it. Anyone know what i'm talking about?

We're in need of ways to improve our support process, and being able to have someone actually log in as a particular user, to "see what they see" is starting to seem immensely helpful.

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    That's a point that i ask myselft to, and i find a way to do it :slight_smile: The easyiest way, just register another user as normal and login with that user... I use IE and Firefox and see the differenc.. in one i log in as Admin and at another as normal/supporter user.

    I think this should solve your problem and is no need to install an extra plugin :slight_smile:

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    Yes, we certainly use user-level test accounts for development purposes, etc. However, we wanted a way to view a user's specific account as that user. This would allow us to easily help them with avatar issues, editing their buddypress custom profile fields (as I do not believe there's an admin interface to do that at this point, and we certainly do not want to be giving support-level personnel admin access to the DB to edit things raw).

    For those interested, I did finally manage to find the plugin. It's a pretty handy little thing too, and works with wpmu out of the box:


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