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Since the most recent update, any tie someone tries to log into or site (either admins or subscribers) the first login attempt is rejected with an error that cookies are not enabled (even thought they are), then if a second attempt is made it allows access fine. However this is killing our subscription access business! I've been told by an ISP tech, that when they deactivate the plugins, it doesn't do this, but this is beyond my level of expertise. Please help!



  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Casey

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    The issue is usually happening because “something on site” is “messing up” cookies. That’s usually some plugin and it’s actually what your host told you too :slight_smile: Basically, it seems they just turned off all the plugins and once they did it, they noticed that the problem is no longer there.

    That confirms that the plugin is a culprit here so the next step is to identify which one. I have checked your site and I got some “candidates” for this so I’d suggest that you first disable the “WP Bouncer” plugin, then clear cache on site and in browser and see if the issue is happening.

    If not, then this is the plugin that’s causing it. If it still does happen, a full conflict test will be necessary and to perform it please do this:

    1. clear cache on site and disable it first

    2. disable all the plugins on site

    3. clear browser cache and see if the issue is happening

    4. if not, enable back just one of the plugins, clear browser cache and try again

    5. if it’s still not happening, repeat step 4

    6. repeat step 4 until the issue starts to happen again and note which plugin was the last one enabled – that one will be the one that was causing the problem.

    Here’s a handy flowchart explaining the procedure:


    Let me know about test results, please.

    Kind regards,


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