Login Functionality Not Visible

I have set up a member registration for my client's website, although there is no place to LOG IN anywhere after they register. I went through the General Settings and checked "anyone can register", but I don't understand why there is no login form showing up anywhere on the site. I even went to the widgets page and dragged the Membership Login widget to multiple areas and it still will not show up for me. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? I don't see anything in the "Membership" menu area that offers this functionality either.

Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Bashir

    Wow, never mind! I just went to my registration page, and now it magically shows up. Is there some kind of known issue where things are delayed and take extra time to appear? I have had this issue when setting up the "Options" section of the "Membership" menu....under the "Membership Pages" tab, I have set up the Registration page, Account Page, Subscription Page, etc, and it is working properly right now, but when I navigate to these options now, the dropdown says "Select A Page". And the worst part is, even when I had set up new pages so that I could choose them on these options, I had to wait hours (and at one point, an entire day) until I went back to edit, for the pages to even show up as an option for the dropdown. And even now, after 2 days of setting up some Pages, it still does not show them as an option to choose.

    So there are definitely some bugs and funny things going on with delays and communication on the setup pages. I hope this can be looked into and fixed. I have upgraded to the latest WMPU version as well and this is something that happened in the most recent version before I updated. Just wanted to share the good news and also share the issues I've noticed! Thanks so much and I hope this can be looked into!

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