Login in page problems, BLOGS MU

I am using the theme 'blogs mu' and have managed to create a custom page with the template login in the bottom right hand corner. Ive managed to set it up so the login link in the top right hand corner directs to this page

My problem is when I input my details and press the login button it logs in but doesnt take me back to my home page. I have to add a / to the end of the address it takes me to and then it will work.

Example being,

Log out of my admin account, click login on my main page.
Add Username and password, click login
Takes me to 404 not found "www.mysite.com/example"
to make it work I have to add a / to the end manually, "www.mysite.com/example/.
This then takes me to my home page and im logged in.

Is there anyway I can either change the URL the login button takes me to so "www.mysite.com/example/" to stop this happening , or change how it works.

Many thanks.