Login page link not working, select different location, display appointment shortcode on different p

1. User login is required. When I click login, it is supposed to go to login in page but this doesn't happen. My website is http://www.blueworkzweb.com/apptdemo/.

2. Currently, I set 3 locations and link the services to different location. Is it possible to have select location-> display service (related to that particuar location)->select service provider->select date->confirm appt? Currently, only select service (display relevant location)->select service provider->select date & time->confirm appt

3. Now all shortcode is on one page. Is it possible to have Select Location->select service (next page)->select provider (next page)->select date &time (next page)->confirm appt (next page).

4. For the front-end, service provider and user can access their appointment page using app_my appointment and app_my appointment_maps, right? However in order to do that, does the user need to login as user when making the appointment? Also, what's the different between app_my_appointment and app_my_appointment_maps? When should we use each? Thanks!

  • Alexander

    Hi @Blueworkz,

    1. Have you included the [app_login] shortcode in your appointments page?

    2. Yes, you can have them choose a location first. You just need to make sure the "Locations" add-on is enabled. In the settings for it, you can have it automatically place the service selection box above the services, or you can place it manually with the [app_service_location] shortcode.

    3. Everything must be done on a single page with Appointments+

    4. You should add one of those shortcodes to your appointments page, or another page on your site. This will show a users appointments when they are logged in. The maps version shows the location of the service on a map

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