Login page says Protected Content

Hello. I am using the most recent version of the Membership plugin.

I have read many posts on the WPMU forums about users with the Membership plugin wanting to customize their website's login page so it doesn't use the generic WordPress login page. On most of the posts, the WPMU staff suggested to try the Theme My Login plugin.

I followed this recommendation and installed the Theme My Login plugin on my website. As you may be aware, this plugin creates its own Login and Logout page and places its own shortcode on each page. When I go to the Login page the plugin created, my website redirects to the Protected Content page. I can tell you that Visitors (my stranger level access) is not blocked from seeing this page, so it makes no sense why the Protected Content page would come up when I try to go to the Login page from the Theme My Login plugin.

Have you guys heard of this happening? I assume if your suggesting the plugin you have had success with it working with the Membership plugin?

To make things even weirder, I went to the custom Lost Password page the Theme My Login plugin comes with, and from that page I clicked the link to go back to the login. The URL it sends me to has the following flag at the end of the URL:


When this is added to the end of the login URL, I see the login form perfectly fine on my website! I don't get the Protected Content error ONLY when that reauth flag is added to the end of the login URL.

Does that piece of information help you troubleshoot this?

My website is using a private URL for testing purposes. If you want to see this in action, may I send you as private message with the URLs? Or can you figure this out without needing to visit the site?

Thank you.