Login Redirect and MultiSite Privacy Plugins Don't Play Nicely Together?

I am attempting to configure our site to require any visitor to first provide a password, and then upon entering the said password, I want to redirect them to a specific URL.

To do accomplish this, I have installed/activated MultiSite Privacy and the Login Redirect Plugins. I have also installed and configured the Ultimate Branding plugin, which we have set to customize our login page.

When a visitor enters the site, they are greeted with a nice custom-branded login prompt that requests them to enter the site password. This looks and works perfectly. The problem is that upon login, the visitor isn't redirected to the Login Redirect URL that we have specified. I would think that this should work perfectly, but it doesn't. It instead directs the visitor to the site's configured home page.

For testing, no other plugins other than MultiSite Privacy, Login Redirect and Ultimate Branding plugins are active. The issue is quite easy to replicate.

Has anyone else run into this issue?