Login Redirect From Main Blog Home Page Login

Working on a different approach for a WPMU install where the sub-blog user login page is not going to be used.

So instead of going to: "http://som-mainsite.com/some-blog/wp-login.php" to login as a member/sub-blog owner, I go to the home page of the main site and login there.

Testing this in a couple WPMUDEV themes: When I login as a sub-blog owner on the home page of the main site, the home page is reloaded on successful login with a "Welcome Back" message (etc.) and I then click the "Profile" link to go to the dashboard of my site.

What we want is to redirect the successfully logged in sub-blog owner to their Dashboard without the need to click on that profile link?

Any plugins? We're OK with custom dev, just wanted to see if there was something already done we could look at.