Login Redirect not working (suddenly)

I have the login redirect set to go to "http://hmcountryclub.com/member-home/" on log in.
This has been working fine but now it is not redirecting to that page anymore, it is going to the regular homepage.

I noticed the "login" link in my menu is now linking to "http://hmcountryclub.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=index.php"... thus why it's pushing to regular homepage. I don't know when and where that is getting inserted into the login link...
When I remove that redirect line of the login link, then my redirect DOES work...
So can you please help me figure out why the LOGIN link suddenly says redirect to index.php?
BTW, the login/logout link in my menu has been inserted by the function in the functions.php file that automatically inserts it into menu.

Thank you