Login redirect on Pro Sites checkout page

At the bottom of the checkout page, under the pricing table the following text for folks to login redirects them to their account page "Already have a site? Login now."
Is it possible to change the redirect so it takes them to their dashboard home screen?
I've enabled support access.
Thank you in advance!

  • Nahid

    Hi there Debbie !
    Hope you are having a great day!

    Well, you need to put some custom codes to make change the link. Just put in the following code in your theme's functions.php file.

    add_filter( 'prosites_render_checkout_page', function( $content, $blog_id, $domain ){
        $original_link = 'http://old-url.com';
        $new_link = 'http://new-url.com';
        $content = str_replace( $original_link, $new_link, $content );
        return $content;
    }, 10, 3 );

    Replace http://old-url.com with your current URL and http://new-url.com with your required URL.

    Hope this helps. Let me know what the results are. Thanks!


  • Debbie

    Hi Nahid Ferdous Mohit

    What you say makes sense. However that's not what's happening. I've removed the above code from the functions file, and logged in from the login link at the bottom of the checkout page as a user with a paid account. You'll see in the attached image that after they log in, they are still on the checkout page, which now shows their subscription information above the rest of the information that shows on the page to non subscribers.
    The problem is that my subscribers who log in using the link at the bottom of the checkout page find it confusing to see this information. They don't know that when they click to see their profile that they'll also see the admin menu. That's why I'm hoping it's possible to change the behavior of that link from staying on the checkout page to instead redirect to the dashboard of the particular subscriber.


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