login redirect plugin

It's not redirecting or anything. I uploaded the php file to mu-plugins. but nothing happens. (i also edited the config file and entered the url i want it to go to).

Just wondering if im missing something. it seemed pretty simple, just edit, and upload.

im using 2.9.2 mu & buddypress

  • drmike
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    Check to see what if anything is in your webserver's error logs. That's always a good first step when dealing with any problem and should be included with your first post when asking for help with any software.

    (i also edited the config file and entered the url i want it to go to).

    Specifics would be helpful. Please remember that only you can see what you've done.

    Also what specifically did you use to edit the file?

  • Shane7
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    Thanks for replying.

    The install directions said to edit the php file and insert your url that you want members to be redirected to... I really want it to redirect to the members profile / activity stream page, but I wasnt sure how to do get the members name in the url, so i just redirected to the members page like so:
    $login_redirect_url = 'http://yourideiride.com/members/';

    I used Dreamweaver CS4 to edit the file.

    I logged in to cpanel and there were no errors relating to this. I just had a few but they were about my theme not having a favicon image. unrelated.

    I appreciate your help and if anyone knows how i can redirect a member to their profile activity page, I'd be greatful. :slight_smile:

  • Shane7
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    no errors regarding this in the web log.
    Do you think it has to do with the version of WPMU im using?

    Im using WPMU 2.9.2
    Theme: Social

    I just tried it again from scratch and still just redirects to home page.

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