Login Redirect question

I am currently using the membership plugin to do my redirects of protected content for public users. This brings them to a login page (mydomain.com/login)for general site users. Once logged in the users are redirected to a home page specific to them. mydomain.com/users

I also have a second user type that uses another login page (mydomain.com/Super-Login). They could not use the same login as the others because I want them to be redirected to a different page mydomain.com/Superusers after they login

My issue is that when a user logs in if they happen to close their browser and try to go back to the login page they are taken to a blank page (no login form) because technically they are still logged in.

the Login form code I am using is “[login-form redirect= “http://mydomain.com/SuperUserHome”%5D

Is there a better way of handling logging in and redirecting for different users? or how do I tell the page to always show the login form?